— Weight Loss Challenge

Beat a bad habit and earn money!

What is

The platform is the first website designed on the scientifically based deposit and financial reward method which helps people to keep their promises. The probability of a promise being kept and a harmful habit being quit by this method is at least 10 times greater than in the case of individual efforts.

The system can also be used to deal with specific bad habits, for example, getting rid of constantly postponing, lying, overeating, using abusive language, being rude or untidy. This platform can also become a rescue for someone’s health as it can help change inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, negligence to check blood pressure or blood sugar etc. — Promise

How does it work?

  1. The person states, which addiction or simply bad habit they want to get rid of and for how long they promise not to indulge in that habit. They must begin to fulfil the promise within one month.
  2. The Promiser chooses the size of the deposit — i.e., the amount that they agree to lose should they fail to keep the promise. Each Supporter will have to deposit the same amount at minimum. For better results, it is recommended that the deposit should be large enough to be unpleasant to lose.
  3. The Promiser invites Supporters (people they trust) in the system and agrees to a contract with them.
    In order for the fight against a harmful habit to be more effective, it is recommended that the Supporters be people close to the Promiser as they will be next in line behind the Promiser to reap the biggest benefits when the Promiser successfully gets rid of the addiction (e.g., a wife will be happy if her husband quits drinking, an employer will value a non-smoking and disciplined employee more, and a father will be happy if his son stops gambling such as playing slot machines).
    A Promiser can begin fulfilling their promise even without any confirmed rewards from Supporters, who can join later.
    In case no Supporters ever join a promise, the Promiser can either complete the promise, or cancel it for free.
  4. The account of the Promiser’s promise is private; however, if they feel that the peer recognition and pressure is important, or that they need a larger crowd of Supporters (the more Supporters there are, the greater the financial benefit), the Promiser can make the account of their promise public and allow anyone to join as a Follower who can become a Supporter, later.
    The Promiser can also share their achievements via social networks should they wish.
  5. If the Promiser keeps their promise, the bonus specified in the contract is deducted from the Supporters’ payment cards and transferred to the Promiser (transfer costs are deducted from this amount). A Promiser must provide their account details in order to receive their rewards.
  6. If the Promiser fails to keep their promise, their deposit is used to support charities, projects fighting addictions and/or promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as to cover organisational costs. The Supporters keep their money. — Trailer

My Challenge

I was challenged by to make a promise for one month. 
So what I chose something that was a long time coming, to lose weight.

This would start September 1st and end October 1st, and consist of me losing the ‘Dr recommended’ healthy amount of 8lbs.

Started the challenge weighing in at 18st 4lbs, aiming to be 17st 10lbs by the end of it to be successful.

As I took this on, I was quite anxious, as I LOOOOOVE food and am quite known for snacking.

However with a little help from an app called ‘Lose It!’ I actually got into quite a rhythm with calorie counting and basic exercise routines. — Calorie Intake

The first week was quite rough, adjusting to the new intake and style, but after that I found myself constantly full by eating the right foods.

My calorie intake was pretty much always 1750ish or there abouts, which is 750 calories under my typical daily allowance.

Couple of weeks in and stepping on the scales to see that I had lost 7lbs, really gave me a boost to carry on. — Lose It!

Keeping up the exercise daily, as well as long hikes on the weekend with other bits thrown in, absolutely made the difference.
No snacking, keeping it to good wholesome dinners and dulling cravings was the hardest part.

However as we came to the 4 week close, I hit my target, in fact I didn’t just hit it, I SMASHED it. Losing a whopping 12lbs in total.

Seeing ‘The Promise has been Successfully Completed’ message upon signing in on my final day was amazing.
So glad I took part in this and that challenged me to try it. — Completed

If you want to quit a habit or take a new one on AND earn money at the same time, Promise.Pro really is something you should consider!

The process is simple, it gives you a swift kick in the behind to accomplish the things you want, and to earn a little cash at the same time. What’s not to love?

Head on over to and sign up to try it yourselves.


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