Manfrotto Lumimuse Series 8

Portable but Powerful LED Light.

In many situations you are limited by using large flash heads or continuous sources that have to sit on light stands from a few metres away.
However portable lighting is becoming more powerful, energy efficient and usable in professional settings.

Manfrotto released the Lumimuse range LED lights to cover this niche and we are here to see just how good it is!

Light is KEY, whether you are a photographer or videographer, it makes or breaks a shoot. 
If you do not have quality light, it makes it pretty much impossible to nail that shot first time.

The Lumimuse Series 8 is an 8 LED portable lighting powerhouse, featuring 550lux output at 1 metre, as well as >92% CRI and a runtime of over 1 hour on full beam (not forgetting the 4 dimming steps available).

As for the size and weight, it is EXTREMELY portable, easily sits in the palm of your hand, and is comfortable to use by simply holding it.
The body has a metallic feel with a reassuring weight that lets you know this is a quality build.

So you have the option of using the free ball head mount with 1/4″ thread to mount it on a lighting stand, or even your cameras hot-shoe.

The actual light output of this little unit is incredible, it can turn a pitch black room into a moderately lit area.
You can also ramp the amount of light by clicking the power button up to 3 times which gives you 4 intensities.

On the lowest setting it is nice to just add a soft highlight to a person or object, while the top setting can be used for environmental effects or for use as a key light.

Due to the lights great colour accuracy it will not muddle your photos or videos with strange tinted colours, keeping skin tones natural and colours exactly as they should look.

If you want to get even more creative you can use the included filter set which lets you adjust the colour temperature as well as diffuse the light more.
This works by having a push on filter holder, which you can then clip in up to 2 of the filters to augment the light.

You can also purchase extra filter sets that offer better portrait lighting or creative colour sets.

The place I feel that the Lumimuse range really comes into it’s own is for food and product photography, the small size, light output and ability to hand hold the unit to get the correct lighting, fits right into this niche so well.

Our favourite way to use the Lumimuse was to hand hold the light, while having the camera on a tripod. 
This enabled us to get a steady shot, while refining the lighting by moving around, up and down to nail the right shadows or coverage.

As mentioned previously battery life is great, ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours in my experience, depending on the intensity of use. 
Quite remarkable really considering the amount of tech that was stuffed into such a small unit, but Manfrotto has always been fantastic when it comes to quality products so I am not surprised.

It charges quickly through the USB cable that is provided which is actually the only disappointment I can think of, it is INCREDIBLY short and for a product in this price range that really is abysmal. It’s ALMOST unusable.

All in all though the Lumimuse 8 LED light is an awesome bit of kit to shove in your bag and brings about many opportunities to shoot when perhaps other lighting would not typically allow.

For the sum of £99.95 you can go pick one up, or if you don’t need QUITE as much power there are the smaller units that begin at £44.95.

Be sure to go visit

Review item provided complimentary by manufacturer — however all opinions and experiences are our own.

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