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Supporting the NSPCC with Loco2

Going There Bear Campaign — Loco2.com

‘Going There Bear’ Campaign Launches on UK Rail Network in Support of NSPCC

This Saturday (24th November) a family of four GPS tracked teddy bears will take to the UK rail network on a year-long adventure to raise money for the NSPCC, and families who find the bears can take them home, too.

Train comparison and booking platform Loco2 will donate a penny for every mile that the teddy bears travel around the UK during the 12-month period, and every time a family takes a bear home, £5 will be donated. Families and fans can keep track of each bear’s movements throughout the year on the Loco2 blog.

The four bears will start their adventures on London’s Thameslink, East Midlands trains, Northern trains, and Scotrail.

How it works

Each bear travels in its own dedicated suitcase, which has a label asking passengers or train staff not to take the bear to lost property. Inside the suitcase the bear comes with a set of instructions and a GPS tracker, which is being monitored by Loco2 — the locations of the bears will be shared via the Loco2 blog.

Each month Loco2 will calculate the mileage travelled by the four bears and will donate money via the dedicated fundraising page— passengers and families can also donate via the page.

All passengers who spot the bears are invited to take photos and tweet using the hashtag #goingtherebear or email them to bear@loco2.com to raise awareness.

Meet the Bears

As Loco2 enables customers to book both UK and European train journeys, the four bears are called English ‘Choo Choo’, Spanish ‘Chucu Chucu’, Italian ‘Ciuf Ciuf’ and French ‘Tchou Tchou’.

Dave Ashton, CEO of train comparison and booking platform Loco2 comments on the campaign:

“The last year has been tough for rail travellers, so we wanted to launch a campaign to remind passengers about the wonderful aspects of train travel — by engaging their childhood memories of taking a train as they head off on an adventure.

“We just hope the bears don’t find themselves in lost property, but by raising awareness, we’re hoping they’ll become famous enough to continue their adventures and raise lots of funds.”

Joanna Burton, NSPCC Fundraiser said:

“We’re delighted that Loco2 have decided to raise funds for the NSPCC via their ‘Going There Bears’. The money raised by each bear will go towards funding vital NSPCC services that help young people get their lives back on track after suffering abuse.

“We would like to say thank you to everyone at Loco2 and their four special passengers for helping us be there for children who need us most.”

Going There Bear Campaign — Loco2.com Package

We were actually sent our own Bear by the team and I have to tell you, it is absolutely ADORABLE! Well made, cute and set to travel with us on our journeys!

Made by the legendary bear creators at Steiff and helping raise funds for the NSPCC, this campaign is fantastically fun and worth every effort to get these bears travelling.

You can actually find one of the four bears roaming free for yourself, if you are quick enough!

Location — http://maps.google.com/maps?q=N51.50247,W000.20948

Also for any families that participate in this campaign, please share your bear experiences on Twitter like the following ones have — https://twitter.com/search?q=goingtherebear

Donate to the worth cause directly HERE on their JustGiving page.

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