Ergonomic Product Roundup

Work Better, Feel Better.

Bakker Elkhuizen Pro 959 Footrest — Action

Bakker Elkhuizen Pro 959 Footrest

Many of you I am sure focus on the type of chair you are sitting in, the right height, arm rests, quality of the product, but have you taken a look down and thought about your foot ergonomics?

Many of us end up with bad sitting posture due to the way our legs and feet hang off our seats. This is where the Pro 959 Footrest comes in.

Bakker Elkhuizen Pro 959 Footrest

It’s a relatively simple bit of kit but exquisitely engineered to be adjusted with only one foot.
There is a wide non-slip contoured platform for your feet to sit on and a big yellow button in the top centre. 
Rugged, firm and sure to last a lifetime.

Bakker Elkhuizen Pro 959 Footrest — Use

To adjust the platform to the right height, you simply have to nudge the button, either put pressure on the platform to go lower, or relieve it to let it raise up.

Once your feet are at a comfortable height, you can then go on to simply angle the head of the platform by placing your feet further back or further forward on it and pushing.

Overall I am impressed at the perceived durability and effortless design on this footrest. Honestly wasn’t really something that popped into my mind until I tried it and you REALLY do feel the difference at the end of a long day.

It’s available on Amazon for £160.

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640

For those of us who have worked in an office environment or even self employed and having to spend a lot of time on the computer while also handling documents, this is for you.

The FlexDesk 640 document holder lets you change back and forth between writing and computer work easily and efficiently without having to move your head or neck repeatedly. Limiting neck and shoulder strain.

It is an in-line document holder and writing slope, made of clear acrylic with a handy cabin for your pencils / pens etc.

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640 — Slide

To prevent neck rotation, documents have to be placed between the keyboard and display screen. A sloping work surface reduces flexion of the neck and thus increases work comfort.

An ‘in-line’ document holder provides a functional work surface and realises short viewing distances between the document, screen and keyboard. The result is increased productivity.

The easy slide action and height / slope adjustment really makes it a breeze to use. This has definitely come in handy when I’m doing accounting etc.

Would highly recommend if you spend a lot of time in those situations!

It’s available on Amazon for £185.

VARIDESK Varichair Pro

Varidesk Varichair Pro

If standard office chairs are not your cup of tea or if they don’t support your Sit & Standard workplace ethic, then the Varichair Pro could very well be for you.

It’s an active seating solution with a bent plywood seat base and a wide cushioned seat. Looks very stylish and is certainly a higher end seating solution.

The difference between this and any old stool is that it engages your leg, back and core muscles by allowing you to freely move throughout the day by sitting or leaning on it.

Varidesk Varichair Pro — Seating

After using this for a couple weeks, I can definitely see the appeal.
So used to being stuck in a chair for hours on end sitting, even if it’s a super comfy chair like mine, you still feel the effects after a long day sometimes.
So being able to choose to sit or stand and lean, really is pleasant.

The wide cushion and low back encourages you to keep good posture, while the articulating pedestal gives you a really wide range of motion so you can do stuff like stretch or even rock while sitting.

I find this particularly great on days when I’m sitting editing photos or videos, which makes me a little fidgety.
So the rocking and movement of the stool when you want it, is a calming touch and helps me to process stuff a little better.

Overall, the VARIDESK Varichair Pro is comfortable, benefits your health and looks awesome.
So what’s not to like?

It’s available on Amazon from £295.


VARIDESK Exec 40 — Open

We have had previous experience with VARIDESK and their Sit — Stand desks, which you can read about here in our VARIDESK Pro Plus 36.

This is a similar upgraded version and measures in at 40″ wide, which is more than enough to use with dual monitor setups and sizeable keyboard / mouse configurations.

Also love the fact that it comes in a sleek black finish, all just as sturdy and well engineered as the previous version we had.

VARIDESK Exec 40 — Top

The VARIDESK Exec 40 has 9 height settings, space for your papers / accessories, has a slide out keyboard tray and accommodates people 6’1 or taller.

Everything about this desk is well thought out and constructed to an extremely high standard.
We have a pair of 21 inch monitors, 2 speakers, a small desk fan and a plethora of little bits on the top portion of the desk and still have room to maneuver.

So unless you are a desk hoarder, you will have no issues with space.

VARIDESK Exec 40 — Closed

The VARIDESK Exec 40 is sure to satisfy those of you in the Sit & Stand workplace or with a similar setup.
Even in it’s closed state it’s a nice bit of real estate for your screens, keyboard and mouse etc.

We will be using it on our desk for years to come I am sure.

It is available on Amazon from £495

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Costs you nothing at all and doesn’t impede your shopping.

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