Chaffree Underwear

Comfortable underwear that stops chafing


So you may be wondering why we are reviewing underwear…
Well these are not just ANY underwear, these are very special underwear.

Chaffree have designed comfortable, sweat absorbing, chafe reducing underwear for men and women of all sizes.
Extremely useful for those of you that like performance sports and staying comfy on those hot summer days.

We were sent a mixture of the styles, which are mens boxer shorts, womens knickerboxers and briefs.

Chaffree Mens

The material design enables the underwear to ‘breathe’, it wicks away sweat from your skin and maximizes the surface of the moisture so that it evaporates faster on the outside of the material.
This stops your getting all sweaty during those peak moments.

They are also extremely lightweight and stretchy, which makes it feel almost like a second skin, they are most definitely my comfiest undies now!

Chaffree Womens

In our experience with the supplied Mens and Womens variants, the design holds up to it’s values.
During exercise and daily activities it most definitely stopped the build up of sweat and the associated discomfort.
After long walks we definitely noticed the increased benefit, no signs of chafing at all. Plus because they fit so snug and secure, you honestly do almost forget you are wearing them!

We found that the chafing stopped to a greater degree with the Mens Boxers, than they did with the Womens briefs and knickerboxers.
I believe it was due to the Mens variants having a deeper inset crotch patch of material. So our female tester said she would choose the mens version over the womens when she purchases.

However all the variations supplied were super comfortable and would be a suitable replacement for standard underwear for most people. 
Why wouldn’t you want underwear that relieves chafing, sweatiness and also fit like a glove?

Chaffree Mens Boxers

Our advice is to go buy a pair and try them out yourselves.
If you treat them right they are sure to last you a lifetime, we will definitely keep these stocked in our drawers!

They are available at from their website starting from only £13. Bargain!

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It helps us immensely

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