Beecaster Microphone

Can it Bee any more awesome?

The Beecaster Microphone is from Neat Microphones, who are made up of some of the greatest minds from Blue Microphones and are a member of the Gibson family of brands.

They focus on creating not just a great sounding professional microphone, but on the entire package.

I was particularly impressed with the packaging and extras it comes with.
The box is a plastic cube, capped with sturdy cardboard ends.
It has hexagonal holes on the sides, resembling honeycomb (which is mirrored throughout aspects of the design).

Plus as a nice added bonus, there is a plastic cut-out inside that can be placed on the interior floor of the box, which will enable you to use it for storage of any studio / desk gear you need close by.

Best packaging we have seen so far (even better than Apple!).

The Beecaster also comes with a free pop filter that slips over the top of the microphone. It does a really good job, especially considering it is a free addition.
There is a little bit of play vertically with my filter that kind of obscures the front LED on the microphone, but that’s not a huge deal.

Inside the Beecaster are 4 proprietary internally shockmounted 24mm diaphragm mic capsules, that enables the user to tweak the recording to their specific needs.

This is possible with a four way rotary selector knob that allows you to swap between the four sound pickup patterns, Mono, Stereo, Wide Stereo and Focused Stereo.

Mono — A cardioid pickup pattern. Signals reaching the front of the mic — indicated by the Neat logo — are strong, while signals reaching the back are suppressed. Use this image for voices or instruments that will occupy a single point in your stereo field.

Stereo — A natural left/right stereo image. Signals will appear in a full stereo field based on their positions around the mic. Use this image to create a natural 3-dimensional image for stereo instruments. This is also a good choice for conferences, interviews, or broadcasts involving multiple participants.

Wide Stereo — An expanded left/right stereo image. Signals recorded with this image will appear wide, and will not crowd the center of the mix. Use this image for huge accompaniment parts when you need to reserve the center for the star

Focused Stereo — A forward left/right stereo image. Signals recorded with this image will appear closer, with a full 3-dimensional image. Use this image for the lead voice — the centre of attention.

The quality of the sound this microphone can record is set 24bit 96kHz which is rated for high quality audio applications. This comes with a fantastic Signal to Noise ratio of 98dB-A, which essentially means you will not have any digital noise in the mix to degrade the quality.

I have used the microphone for Skype calls, streaming on Twitch and various other applications, it has not disappointed me once. The audio is as flawless as you can imagine.

It captures crisp highs, bassy lows and a nice mid range that makes the entire recording sound very natural to the ears.

In terms of usability, it’s an easy operation to get going, plug it in via the USB cable provided, let the drivers install and boom, you are ready to go.

The overall layout of the Beecaster is extremely polished

The 3 knobs on the front (which have sexy yellow light up rings), control the recording pattern, the mic gain adjustment and the dedicated headphone volume for the built-in headphone monitoring.

Having a built in headphone amplifier enables you to live monitor your recording on the fly, super handy. This is a brilliant feature for podcasters.

You also have access to a dedicated mute button, good for times you have to suddenly cut off your microphone or you want to mute it while you record off another linked input. It has a nice strong red LED that lights up the MUTE writing when it is engaged, snazzy.

The entire microphone is mounted to a bracketed arm that allows you to rotate it around the horizontal axis at the base, plus two articulated points about which to adjust the height and level of the microphone itself.

It feels sturdy, has a nice metallic feel with a hefty weight that is reassuring, true professional quality in every aspect.

We can safely say that the Beecaster is the most versatile, awesome sounding, GORGEOUS microphones on the market at a price that is sure to tempt many.

Whether you are a Podcaster, Youtuber, Streamer or Musician, the Beecaster has you covered.

It is available from around £225 or $349 depending on your area, which lets be honest is not A LOT in the grand scheme of things, especially in the area of professional recording equipment.

PS: I forgot to mention, you get a kick ass mascot Bee figure to put on your desk!

Be sure to check them out at and let us know your opinions via Twitter @MillionModelsUK

Review item provided complimentary by developer — however all opinions and experiences are our own.

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