Axie Infinity — CryptoGaming

Like Pokemon on Blockchain Steroids!

Axie Infinity

So what is Axie Infinity?

The way I describe Axie Infinity is a more mature cross between Pokemon and Tamagotchi, built on Blockchain, where you can Breed, Buy, Sell, Collect, Raise, Battle them.

You can earn money by doing all of this too, as the game is using Ethereum, means this all takes place on Blockchain using real money.

I’ve gotten so into Axie Infinity, I am actually starting up a dedicated channel to it called AxieTube, for tips / tricks, battle experiments, commentary and un-poddings. It’s like unboxings…but for Axies. 
So if this article interests you by the end, go drop a sub over there!

Axie Infinity — AxieTube

So what are Axies?

Axies are the creatures in the game, they all belong to the same species but have an infinite combination of unique mutations. Not only changing their looks, their battle moves, their effectiveness in specific roles on the battlefield, their breedability, as well as their overall value in the marketplace.

Axie Infinity — Infinite Combination

All Axies belong to one of 6 classes, Beast, Plant, Bug, Bird, Reptile, Aquatic, however they can have different parts from any of the 6 classes. These come down to Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Horn, Back and Tail. 
Depending on the class the part belongs to, you get different stats, you also get different moves that are tied to the Horns, Mouths, Backs, and Tails you have.

Axie Infinity — Classes

The stats are:

Hit Points — An Axie collapses when it runs out of HP. However, occasionally an Axie will enter “Last Stand” mode when its HP drops to zero.

Speed — Axies with higher Speed attack first at the beginning of a turn. Speed also increases an Axie’s chance to dodge an attack.

Skill — Affects an Axie’s hit chance. Axies with high Skill will rarely miss.

Morale — Affects Axie move’s Critical Hit chance, Counter chance and number of Last Stand turns.

These parts come in four types, Common, Rare, Ultra Rare and Legendary. The rarer the part, the more powerful or special the move associated with it, also meaning the Axie it’s attached to is going to cost a lot more!

The diversity of Axies and parts, not only adds to the limitless possibilities of collecting and breeding, but also the battle system.

Axie Infinity — Growth

So how do Battles work?

Well in Axie Infinity, Axies fight each other in 3 vs 3 battles by creating ‘Teams’. So you would sort your plethora of Axies into teams of 3, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses.

Axie Infinity — Battle Positions

For instance you would want a high HP tank class typically in the forefront of battle, while having the Support or Ranged Axies in the back damaging away. After arranging them in the formation you want, you will want to also swap out their moves into a unique order. Battles run in turns, meaning you can assign what moves are used first by your Axie.

So you probably won’t want healing moves on the first turn etc. 
You can then Queue them for battle, which will put them against other players teams, give it a little while and you can then watch back the fight to see the outcome.

Axie Infinity — Battle Turns

During battle, Axies follow the pre-determined set of moves you assigned beforehand, when the move is used it’s sent to the back of the queue in rotation and their turn is ended. The obvious aim is to exterminate the enemy teams HP.

There is an amount of luck involved as attacks can miss, you can get countered, score critical hits and even enter a Last Stand mode. In last stand, your Axie gets a chance to score damage on it’s attackers before finally dying.

Also not forgetting to mention that during battle there are class advantages and disadvantages, so Reptile and Plant are stronger vs Aquatic and Bird, while Aquatic and Bird are stronger vs Beast and Bug. This means team composition and position is key.

Axie Infinity — Battle

So what else can you do beside battle?

While battles are fun, there are dimensions to Axie Infinity for others to enjoy. For instance you can happily buy and sell Axies for profit all day, corner the market on a specific part or find the ultimate fighting Mystic Axie to sell to someone. 
You can be a collector, a breeder, or in the near future be a nurturer by decorating and caring for Terrariums that Axies live in. 
There is a crafting system, as well as Story mode planned for the future. 
Axie Infinity is constantly updated and gaining popularity daily.

Axie Infinity — Marketplace

There is also something called the Axie lab where you can buy an Axie pod which houses new Axies for a set price and hope to get lucky with something super rare! Generally Axies are bred into eggs, which then grow over 5 days from egg to larva to petite to adult.

The Axie Lab lets you get MEO Corp Axies that are instantly adult and come with the current Seasons tag, so it started with MEO Corp I and now we are on MEO Corp II. As the Seasons roll on the earlier season rewards will be rarer and rarer.

Axie Infinity — Axie Lab

Many also see Axies as an investment, the earlier you get in on the project, the cheaper the entry floor for Axies are. 
You can also perhaps grab some Origin / MEO Corp I Axies which are going to be a rare commodity in the future. 
So imagine buying an Axie with decent stats and an Origin tag now, it could be worth 100 or 1000x that in the future. Like getting in on the ground floor of Pokemon before it exploded.

So how do I get into it?

So as you can tell, Axie Infinity is ridiculously deep and fun, it was my first CryptoGame and after seeing it on LtZondas stream, I was buying my first Axie within 30 miinutes. 
So let me tell you how you can get into it and get your own Axies.

First off, a little knowledge of Crypto and Blockchain is very welcome, but not essential. I was lucky enough to know a LITTLE about it and already have a CoinBase account, but honestly that step is just as quick and easy as signing up for PayPal or any other service.

Axie Infinity — MetaMask

So to start, you download a plugin for your browser called MetaMask, sign up to it, make note of your secret phrases to keep it safe. Deposit some ETH, this can be purchased straight through MetaMask using Coinbase or other services. Then you are set to buy your first Axie, it’s really simple. The current cheapest Axie on the marketplace is only $20, so the entry level is quite low.

So now what?

Now that you know a bit about Axie Infinity, I hope you will decide to give it a go, grow your own Axie collection and fight me on the battlefield! 
If you have any type of draw to this type of game, Pokemon or collectables in general, I suggest you give it a try.




Be sure to show me your Axies on Twitter @AxieTube or on Instagram by tagging #AxieTube and go SUBSCRIBE to the new channel for giveaways.

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