Portable Lighting Studio


Adaptalux is a portable lighting studio, designed specifically to benefit macro photography (although it doesn’t stop you finding creative uses).

As a Professional photographer and videographer, I was personally very excited to test out Adaptalux, as it seemed like a really cool idea brought to life.

Adaptalux — Control Pod

The design is modular in nature, which allows you to customise it in different ways to get the needed lighting for your scene.

The base unit is called the Control Pod and houses 5 magnetic interfaces for the arms to adhere to. It can also be connected to a tripod or an optional base.
Lighting Arms are then connected, with each independent Lighting Arm being customizable in regards to colour, beam angle, brightness and diffusion.

Adaptalux Lighting Studio boasts an incredible 10 hour battery life from a single charge. Which can then be recharged by the supplied USB cable.

Each light arm is fairly bright rating at around 200 Lumens, which means you won’t be lighting rooms with it, but for macro photography it is more than adequate.

They are also fully bendable and can be adjusted into any position you require.

Adaptalux — Colour Filters

There are currently 5 colours of Lighting arm, yellow, blue, green, red and white.
These can also be modified via colour filter and diffusion attachments.
Ranging from magenta to yellow, as well as softly diffusing the light so that it is not so harsh.

Adaptalux — Diffusion

You can then buy just the simple diffusion elements which will give you a very soft light ranging from 35% to 70% diffusion.
Great if you are looking for a longer shutter duration and want a more ‘natural’ lighting composition.

Adaptalux — Setup

If you are also not looking to mount it on a tripod there is a dedicated stabiliser base that you can use.

The Adaptalux Stabiliser is simple, yet effective. Designed to ensure the centre of gravity is always directly under the pod, the stabiliser ensures your lighting set-up will never take a fall when it is used independently from the camera.

It also looks pretty sweet! Makes the already alien looking Adaptalux have an added slick edge.

Adaptalux — App

Adaptalux are also kind enough to make this kit Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can control the on/off and brightness of each attached arm via your phone. That in itself is nifty!

So if you love photography or videography on a macro scale, this lighting kit is definitely for you.

You’ll be happy to know they are also releasing a new set of arms called the EFX lights which are currently on Kickstarter, they include the Arm-S, UV and Laser attachments.

The Arm-S is a superbright LED which gives you the ability to use higher shutter speeds and lower ISOs than with current arms.
The UV is by namesake a UV light enabling you to create some amazing effects to draw out the natural fluorescence of items.
The Laser Arms have focusable lenses that can be accurately adjusted to create beautiful refractions in glass subjects or directed through semi-transparent materials to illuminate subjects in new ways.

Be sure to check out the EFX Kickstarter HERE

Overall the Adaptalux Studio is an awesome bit of kit and I fully recommend it to any macro photographers out there!

You can check out the Adaptalux Studio itself at

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