Syllable Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Great sound on the Run

Syllable Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Syllable are bringing you new ways to experience great sound while exercising, these earphones are a fantastic start!

As someone who has had the painful experience of trying to find a decent sound source to use while at the gym, these Syllable earphones are a dream come true. 
No longer will you get tangled in a cable wrapped around your phone while biking or working out.

These earphones are Bluetooth 4.2 compliant, very slim, made of an aluminium alloy and give you a 10 meter wireless range around your phone to use them.
This makes them extremely accessible, easy to use, comfortable and sturdy.
Pairing to your smartphone is also extremely fast and holds a rock solid connection.

Syllable Bluetooth Sports Earphones Function

The body of the Syllable earphone control unit lets you control volume, track skipping and has a multi function power button.
You charge the earphones via USB on the body portion of the control unit and that gives you a rated play time of 4 hours.
We never used them for more than 2 hours at a time per charge personally, but they definitely still had juice left in them.

As with any earphone / headphone set, the MAIN criteria you want to know about is ‘How do they sound?’, and thankfully we can say BRILLIANT.
They have more than enough volume, superb clarity and nice bass, in fact they are probably the cleanest sounding earphones in this price range I have used. That is a big thumbs up to Syllable.
This could possibly be due to the built in AAC codec support.

Syllable Bluetooth Sports Earphones Package

In the package you get the earphones, a charging cable, different size silicone caps to match your ears, a buggy bag and a manual.

All of this makes these a desirable package in this price range with unmatched sound quality compared to those we have tried.

If you want to check these out, they are currently only available on the US Amazon at $29.83, but coming worldwide very soon.


Any Amazon links are affiliate links whereby we get a small commission for recommending you to their site, it changes nothing with your shopping experience / price.

It helps us immensely.

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