Penclic Professional Typist MK1 Keyboard

Great Design offers an enjoyable typing experience.

Penclic Professional Typist MK1 Keyboard

As someone who is in the office day in and day out, typing on a keyboard is part of the daily routine and takes up a majority of work time.
So having a good keyboard is essential, this is where the Penclic Professional Typist MK1 comes in.

It offers an ergonomic design along with the world renowned brown mechanical keys, that offer a fantastic typing presence.
You feel every stroke with little resistance, this gives you comfort in knowing you have adequately pressed the key without straining your speed typing too much.

Penclic Professional Typist MK1 Layout

The design of the keyboard is far more centralised and compact than most generic keyboards you would see on offer.
Everything is within easy reach but not cluttered. I can type faster on this keyboard than my previous gaming keyboard and feel less fatigue in doing so.
You also have a few media keys thrown in for good measure, such as volume, internet and email, handy.

Penclic Professional Typist MK1 Review

I have to admit it took a few days of using to get used to the design, as I am used to keyboards having so much extraneous space that you have to float your hand occasionally. 
Once I got used to the placement though, I found my typing speed getting faster as well as feeling less strain in my joints.

It looks nice in it’s matte black, along with turquoise highlights and delicate situated blue glowing keys (for instance when caps lock is on).
Construction is solid and has reassuring weight to it.

Overall the Penclic Professional Typist MK1 is as close to a perfect ergonomic typing machine that you can get without spending much more money.

Available from Penclic at a suggested RRP of £89.99

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