Ohrwurm 3 Microphone

A Binaural Recording Experience

Source: http://www.ohrwurmaudio.eu

In the land of Cinematography there are a multitude of microphones and setups available for recording audio.
One that has come to the forefront in recent times online are ASMR and Binaural recordings.

What this does is effectively use two microphones using dedicated left and right channels, these are highly sensitive and work very similar to how our own ears do. 
This type of system evokes a far different experience than just a standard recording using a standard on-board or external stereo setup.

It gives the listener a sense of presence that most microphones cannot achieve, you feel as if you are there listening to the sounds with your own ears.

Source: http://www.ohrwurmaudio.eu

One thing that I really like is the mounting system.
The microphones are housed on rubber earpieces that you can slip over your ears. This gives you the ability to connect them to your recorder…

(We used a Zoom H1 for our tests)

slip them on and go about your business without a second thought.
It also enables the microphones to pick up the most realistic sound-stage possible, as they mimic what you are already hearing live with your own senses.

Source: http://www.ohrwurmaudio.eu

The build quality of the Ohrwurm 3 is fine, we weren’t blown away, as it’s just made of standard tough plastic and rubber couplets. It won’t be winning any aesthetic design awards.

As the backs of the Ohrwurm 3 are flat, you can also place them as boundary microphones on a table or any other flat surface, making them multi-use.

The ear cups hold on securely even during vigorous movement or fast paced scenes. 
Additional windscreens that are on offer are also of sufficient quality and do a great job on cutting down on any extraneous wind noise that you might suffer. 
They do slightly muffle sound if used indoors or in quiet circumstances, so best to keep them on ONLY when you need them.

However the quality of the audio is what matters and this is where it shines.

Source: Pexels.com

As far as sound goes, you will not be disappointed.
The Ohrwurm 3 houses a very low-noise ball stereo microphone in each piece, which is highly sensitive.
With a range of 5Hz all the way up to 10kHz it has an unprecedented attention to detail, meaning lows are full of bass while highs are crisp and clean.

It also has a wide dynamic range of up to 110dB with an extremely high output level, meaning that recorders with low sensitivity microphone inputs will not have to struggle with picking up a signal.

Ohrwurm 3 does need plugin power from your device, it needs at least 1 volt, but it can take up to 10v.
The more power it receives the louder signals it can record, so if you are thinking of sitting at the front of a concert with these, try to aim for the 10 volt side of things.

The experience it offers is suited for recording music, concerts, nature sounds and even interviews.
There is a natural ‘flair’ to the sound that gives an unhindered appreciation for what is recorded, placing you in that venue, in that experience.

It has a special audience with the ASMR community also, if you do not know what ASMR is, you can click HERE for a description.
The Ohrwurm 3 is PERFECT for this, highly sensitive, accurate and full of range. 
If you are looking for a fairly cheap way to create this sensation, these microphones should be your first stop.


For a price of just under £110, the Ohrwurm 3 is in a special niche where if you are looking for this unique type of sound, there isn’t much in this price range that can compete with such a small and easy to use form factor.

I can highly recommend them, especially if you are getting into ASMR, this will be one of the easiest approaches with high quality sound that you can use.

If these sound interesting to you, go check them out over at http://www.ohrwurmaudio.eu/

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