BakkerElkhuizen S-Board 840 Keyboard

Compact and Ergonomic

As a user of a standard gaming keyboard, I am used to the design of these larger keyboards using a HUGE space for the numpad area, although research shows that it is NOT used by around 90% of computer users.

This leaves a large section of the keyboard unused and this is where the S-Board 840 comes in, removing that section and allowing you to move your mouse closer to the keyboard, getting more desk space and less risk of RSI.

The S-Board 840 is a precise peripheral, having tactile feeling keys as well as multimedia and shortcuts that enable you to use your time more effectively.
Not to mention the 2 USB port hub that is built in, enabling you to extend your experience and make the most of what is on offer.

It’s also really lightweight and slim, which means if you are one of those people that prefers working on their laptop with an external keyboard (on your lap while the screen is on a table for instance) then you can certainly do that by slipping it into your laptop bag.

So whether you are a blogger, analyst, gamer, office worker, the S-Board 840, has something for everyone, as well as being one of the most comfortable compact keyboards I have ever used.

The S-Board 840 Design USB Compact Keyboard has a suggested retailer price of £51.99 (ex VAT) from BakkerElkhuizen

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