Baendit Eyewear

Stylish Modular Sunglasses

Baendit Eyewear

In Late 2015 we saw these Sunglasses on social media and were fascinated at the innovative design, so we just HAD to test them.

Baendit Eyewear have created what I feel to be a genius form factor design compared to what we would consider ‘Normal’ eyewear to be.

Their Sunglasses come in 5 parts, two arms, 1 central piece, and the 2 lens frames.
This enables the user to mix and match each and every part of the design to their specific needs, as well as take glasses apart for even easier storage.

This is not the only trick up Baendit Eyewears’ sleeve however, the arms and central piece are made from a metal and silicon hybrid, which enables them to be bent into shape while retaining their integrity and structure.

That can be extremely useful in a variety of situations.
For instance you can bend the arms to fit around the lenses to protect them in your pocket, or you can create a hook out of them to hang off your top / jeans.
Then you have the ability to perfectly form the arms to fit your head size.

Even without the nifty tricks and ingenuity, they are still BEAUTIFUL pieces, there are a variety of designs available and all of them look great.

You have your ‘Classic’ styles such as the Aviator style ‘Red Baron’, but also new designs like the ‘Belle Starr’ which to me looks like a great design, especially for women.

Baendit Eyewear obviously take great pride and care with their designs, which really shows in the end product.

Everything feels ‘premium’, they are sturdy, slick and have a great look to them.
I’ve used my pair a few times at the beach and I always feel ‘Cool’ for lack of a better word.

Each pair comes in a cardboard package with the Baendit logo and branding, it also shows how small the glasses can be when de-constructed, you can use the box as your own little carry case.

All the lenses used protect 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC and are made from Thermoplastic Polycarbonate composite for extra strength and durability.

You can tell these are high quality eyewear pieces and are by no means on the ‘cheap’ side of things which is what you would expect from items in this price range.

I have never owned a more comfortable set of sunglasses, the flexible arms really do make a difference, especially as I have quite a ‘wide’ head!

Plus the fact that you can purchase new arms or lenses, swap and change parts to create an entirely new set is awesome.

These glasses start at $119 (just over £84), so they are more than your average glasses, but when considering the ingenious design and flexibility of the glasses, you can understand why.

Materials are of the utmost importance and these will last you a lifetime if looked after properly. 
At the end of the day you get what you pay for. You can happily go buy a cheap £10 pair of glasses but you don’t expect them to last very long or be especially ‘Well Made’.

For the fashion conscious of you out there looking for some stunning new Sunglasses for your Summer adventures, be sure to keep Baendit Eyewear in mind.

Go visit them at

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