Tool Pen — Review

Today I am here to show you my new favourite little gadget (if you would call it that), the Tool Pen from Mininch.

I saw this a long while ago on Kickstarter and thought what a fantastic idea it was.
Time passed and I sort of forgot about it sadly.
However, Mininch has now launched a second Kickstarter campaign for their new product the Tool Pen Mini, which does the same job it’s older larger brother does but on a smaller precision scale.
So I contacted them and asked for a cheeky review sample, sadly they aren’t ready yet.
The lovely folks at Mininch sent me the original that did so well.

“Is that a Tool Pen in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

It arrived in a crisp little cardboard box with the name on it and an illustration of the Pop-A-Point modular system that makes it so innovative.

It comes with the Tool Pen itself, fully stocked with various bits, as well as a tool lineup for replacing those bits with new ones.
So whether it’s a flathead, Phillips, Star or Hexagon shaped screwdriver bit you need, this has you covered.
The Tool Pen is made from an Alloy Steel, so it’s rigid, cold to the touch and has a nice weight to it. This isn’t some plastic toy that is going to snap on you.

There is a strong magnet in the top that holds the cap on securely for when you want to slip it in your pocket or bag. I assume this also holds the bits in place so they don’t fall out.
Changing of the bits is as simple as pulling the first one out of the Tool Pen and swapping a new one in at the rear of the Pen.
Very simple and slightly ‘fun’ system, reminds me of those mechanical pencils you can get with the small replaceable tips.

The way it stacks internally is quite an innovation, with the slits on the side enabling you to keep track of WHAT you have stacked inside and WHERE it is in the chain.
I’ve used it quite a few times already on various bits around the house, it is sturdy, easy to handle and does the job with ease.

A versatile tool that is suitable for practically any situation that a typical screwdriver set would be needed, just that the Tool Pen is a screwdriver set built into a neat little package.

The only problem I can foresee is if a screw or something is REALLY stuck or corroded, you might need something with a bit more leverage, but in everyday use, you are golden.
It’s a BIG thumbs up from us.
I can’t wait to also get my hands on the Tool Pen Mini when it’s available.
Till then you can go check out their new Kickstarter campaign over HERE.

Be sure to check out their site for future news by clicking HERE

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