The Spice Bank

Is it the Finest Indian Experience in Cambridgeshire?

The Spice Bank is located in March, Cambridgeshire and is the self proclaimed ‘Finest Indian Experience in Fenland’ does it live up to this claim?

The Spice Bank currently has 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor with 82 reviews

We arrived around 7pm, the place was lit up by multi-coloured changing LED light fittings both on the walls and via the large central chandelier.

The place looked lovely, inviting and modern. Unusual for a Traditional Indian restaurant, but was also a nice change.

From the looks of it, it would definitely be a different mood going during the day time without the lighting effect.

The Lighting was a pain in the butt for taking photos but nice to dine to.

The tables were all laid out and decorated impeccably with napkin sculptures and sparkly clean cutlery.
We were greeted at the door and seated, it was a fairly quiet night with only a few groups dotted around.

Ordered a couple of drinks and Poppadoms (as you do!) which arrived pretty much immediately.
2 large Poppadoms along with 4 dips, always a staple starter in my books.

They were light and crunchy just how they should be, the real winner in my books though were the fresh house made dips that it comes with.

There was the Onion salad, Mango Chutney, Lime & Pickle Chutney and Mint Yoghurt.

The Lime & Pickle was very zesty and sharp, not to our particular taste but I know some people that would have liked it.
The Onion salad was lovely but rather overpowering flavour wise for a starter.
Mango chutney was GORGEOUS, sweet but not overly so.
My absolute favourite had to be the Mint Yoghurt, it was sublime.
House recipe so there are some secrets in there, smooth, delicate and adorably sweet. Worth the trip JUST for this if I am honest.
If I could have bought a bottle full right then and there, I would.

As for mains we asked for the Manager to pick some favourite dishes for us, we gave our ‘Heat’ preference, with Jessica going for Mild and me going for Medium.

He had free reign to pick for us including the main and side.

The order went in around 7:15 and came out at around 7:30, so 15 minutes of waiting, which is quite remarkable.

The food arrived and boy oh boy did it look good. Beautifully decorated and prepared. Garnish and plate layout was easy on the eye.

We had the Karahi Kebab Kyberi which is a Medium heat dish, chicken cooked in tomato, green peppers and their chef’s secret recipe from the Khyber pass.

I would absolutely recommend this, it had a hint of spice that left my tastebuds tingling but not so much that I would rate it even a hot dish.
It had just enough that I knew the spice was there, but left with a creamy, slightly sweet after taste.
The meat was cooked to perfection, easy to cut with the knife and just melts in your mouth, all the flavours seeping into each bite.
I would rank this up there as one of my favourite Indian dishes after trying this.

Jessica had the Nutty Chicken which is a peanut based sauce with chicken cooked in the chef’s special mild sauce.

Jess generally isn’t a big fan of peanuts, but she really liked her dish.
It had crushed and whole nuts in the mild creamy sauce which went well with the soft chicken.
Jessica did say that it was slightly spicy for her (although she is a HUGE wimp when it comes to spice, so take that with a pinch of salt), I tried it and would rate the spice down there with a cream based Korma.
This was actually delicious, I tried a spoonful and it was delightful, extremely mild but full of flavour.

As a shared side we were brought out what I believe was the Bombay Aloo (I could be mistaken, I will check and update when possible).
Potatoes in a creamy sauce, layered with herbs, tomato and red onion.
These were once again fantastic, soft fluffy potatoes in the rich but smooth sauce.

We ended up leaving half of this as the rest of the dishes filled us up by that point, which is indeed a good sign.

The Naan bread we were given was heavenly, Jess could not stop talking about it.
Fluffy, sweet and melts on your tongue, utterly stunning. Loved every mouthful of this.

Now pair the Naan together with the Mint Yoghurt sauce and I may have fallen over drooling on the floor.

Overall our experience at The Spice Bank in March was brilliant, definitely our new Indian restaurant of choice.
They also offer takeaway if you don’t fancy sitting in.

If we are invited back we will give you a run down on some more of their dishes and our experience with them, perhaps next time give their takeaway service a try.

Be sure to check out their site at

No problem at all giving them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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