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Contemporary Indian Cuisine at Home

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that we previously did an in-house review of the dining at The Spice Bank in March, Cambridgeshire.

Well this time, we thought we would give their Takeaway services a test.
We went in on a weekday and the place was pretty bare, probably as we went as they had just opened so the nights worth of clients hadn’t dropped in yet.

The staff as always were very gracious and in fact even had a good old chat with us while the food was being prepared, as we decided to wait in.
Cannot fault them one bit, friendly and efficient, spot on!

From the time we ordered to the time the food arrived as only a mere 15–20 minutes, fantastic considering it was all freshly cooked and prepared.
It smelt GORGEOUS, could not wait to get it home and tuck in.

First out of the bag was Jessica’s Lamb Tikka Masala with Mushroom Rice, which gave off a warm aromatic scent and looked so creamy.
She LOVED this and I can see why, I stole a spoonful and it was stunning, mild but flavourful, so creamy and rich.

She is a real wuss when it comes to spicy food, so this satisfied that criteria.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice flavour if you are forgoing all the spices, but this definitely was packed with it, totally recommend.

As I loved the sound of Lamb, I went for the Khori Gosht with Pilau Rice, which was rated as medium spice, which I have to agree with.
It wasn’t HOT but not as mild as Jess’s dish.

The use of the spices, along with onions and tomatoes, really made the flavour pop. The lamb itself was delicate and tender, couple of pieces had some chew but nothing to moan about.

Along side our mains, we also had Papadoms to share and a side each.
Mine was the Keema Naan which has a thin layer of minced lamb inside, and Jess went for the Garlic Naan.

The Papadoms were nice and crunchy, while the Naan’s were soft and light.
Especially loved my Keema Naan, slightly sweet tang along with the meaty goodness.

Not to forget that we each got a Starter, Jess ventured for the Chicken Samosa (which sadly I did not get a taste of, but she assures me it was tasty).

I went for the Kebab Bashi, which was pancakes stuffed with lamb and spices.
It was juicy and tender, while the pancake had a nice crunchy texture.
Was actually extremely nice, I wasn’t 100% sure on it when I ordered but glad I did.


As with our previous experience at The Spice Bank, we were extremely impressed, both by the staff AND the food.

A short time between ordering and the food being ready, along with friendly staff and of course the fact that the meal itself was STUNNINGLY tasty, means this is a winner for us.

If you haven’t tried them out and you are in the Cambridgeshire area, be sure to head on over to and try them out.

They have our recommendation.

Update: Valentines Day Special Event

The Spice Bank has a very special Valentines Day event coming up…

…Sunday 14th Feb, don’t forget!

This gives you a Special Mixed platter (or 2 separate starters), the choice of any main, any rice and a sharing side + Naan for only £15.95 per person.

That’s a pretty nice price point for those of you wanting to take your loved one to a special meal.

We got to sample some of this also, which you can see below.

Starters — Pakora, Duck Tikka. Mains — Lamb Tikka Masala, Karahi Kebab Khyberi. Sides — Papadoms + Garlic Naan (and an extra Keema Naan)

Once again the mains themselves were fantastic, perfectly cooked and packed with flavour.

I ventured for the Lamb Tikka Masala as I loved it when Jess had it previously, while she asked for a customized Karahi Kebab Khyberi to be taken down a notch to a ‘mild’ setting.

The staff are very helpful when it comes to this and in most cases will tailor the dish to your tastes.

The Pakora and Duck Tikka were new to us, both rich and delectable, would definitely have these again now that we have sampled them.
The Duck in particular was extremely soft but packed a punch for the size, it exploded with flavour.

Hope this gave you a bit of insight into what you can treat your partner too on this special Valentines Day, thanks to The Spice Bank.
We were told that it is going to have themed decorations and perhaps even little presents, so it won’t be your average night out.

You can’t really beat such fantastic food at only £31.90 for two.

Head over to and get booked in ASAP.
Sure this is going to go pretty fast!

Review meal provided complimentary by establishment — however all opinions and experiences are our own.

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