Nando’s — Review

Legendary Reputation, Legendary Food?

Exterior — Nando’s

They are a household name, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who HASN’T heard of Nando’s.

The establishment we decided to visit was in Peterborough, who currently have a rating of 3.5 on TripAdvisor with 114 reviews.

Not exactly class leading ratings on first glance, but we must make our own minds up.

In the name of science, we head down for a #CheekyNandos.

Décor & Cleanliness

The building is quite well placed in Cathedral Square with a view onto the Church.

Nothing exiting about the exterior, well branded and outside placed for a Summers day (although this particular day was wet!).
Interior décor is shooting for a rustic, almost Mexican / South American vibe, warm and pleasing to the eye, definitely suits the style of food.

All our utensils were clean and sparkly, freshly wiped table, bundle of serviettes, quite happy in that regard.

Shiny Utensils! — Nando’s


Upon entry to the restaurant, we were greeted by the woman who hands out menus and lets you know how long the wait is to get a table. Just so happened that the day we went it was absolutely JAM packed.
Corner to corner, children and adults were all the eye could see.

Menu — Nando’s

So we were advised to take a seat on the waiting bench and we would have a 10 minute wait. Lucky for us a table cleared up within that time and we were seated.
We were then asked if we had been to a Nando’s before (which we had), so she left us with our menus and let us choose our lunch.

So after we had all made our minds up, a couple of us shuffled off to order for the table. You are then asked at the counter what Peri-Peri spice/herbs you want on your meal.

Choose your heat — Nando’s

With the drinks we ordered, we were giving the cups to go fill ourselves and were of course bottomless (which is always nice on a fairly warm day).

The time from order to delivery of our food was around 20 minutes.
Considering it was super busy, this wasn’t too much of a surprise and was what I expected. The staff are very efficient in that regard.

Food & Drinks

World Renowned for their Chicken dishes, they also venture out into Beef steak and a multitude of starters to wet your palate.

We had the Peri-Peri Nuts to start which were displayed as:

Peri-Peri Nuts — Nando’s

Fiery almonds, cashews and macadamias — Crunch with a punch.

I must say they were very nice, had a slow building heat that you didn’t really notice at first. Definitely one for the spice lovers.

In regards to our mains & sides, we chose a variety of dishes, so let’s talk about the food!

Jessica Ordered:

1/2 Chicken (Plain) — With Peri-Peri chips and Coleslaw.

1/2 Chicken with Chips — Nando’s

She said that the chicken was lovely and tender, just fell off the bone with a timid spice from the marinated Peri-Peri.
It certainly smelt and looked gorgeous on the day.

Add onto that the Peri-Peri chips which we all took as a side (who doesn’t?), which I must say were fantastic, warm, just the right amount of bite and kick from the Peri-Peri.

Jess also had the coleslaw which we shared and was a gorgeous palate cleanse / spice killer. Recommend this for you spice haters out there.

Coleslaw — Nando’s

Matt Ordered:

Prego Steak Roll — Beef steak basted with garlic and Peri-Peri. Served in a Portuguese roll.
Sides: Corn on the cob and Peri-Peri Chips.

Prego Steak Roll — Nando’s

When this came out I have to say it did have a beautiful aroma.
By all accounts it was cooked to perfection, very tender and spicy. The sauce had more of a kick upon the start of the bite rather than the after-taste.

Corn on the cob was juicy with a crunch, just how it should be in my opinion!

What I Ordered:

Churrasco Thigh Burger — Two skin-on boneless Chicken Thighs with Cheddar Cheese, Fino Coleslaw and Churrasco Perinaise, served in a Portuguese roll.
Sides: Peri-Peri Chips & Garlic Bread

Churrasco Thigh Burger — Nando’s

This for me was my first choice on the menu, just reading it off the menu got my saliva going!
The chicken thighs were beautifully cooked, so tender and full of flavour. The cheddar cheese mixed with the coleslaw and ‘perinaise’, added a layer of complexity to the dish, that brought new life to the chicken on each bite.

The chicken still had the skin on and wasn’t grilled enough in my opinion. If I have the skin on, I prefer it to be cooked further and have a bit of crunch. This was a bit of an oily mess, however it did not distract from the chicken itself.

A nice chilled Fanta — Nando’s

I went with the Mango & Lime sauce, which complimented the meat stunningly. The flavours got increasingly intense the more I ate.

If I could have changed anything else, it would have been the roll.
I personally feel it would have been better with a soft roll rather than the crunchier variety.

My order of garlic bread was also a slight disappointment.
It seemed to lack the garlic by which it gets it’s name.

…so my Garlic bread, was more bread than garlic bread.

Not very flavoursome, a bit bland and unevenly cooked.

Garlic Bread — Nando’s


All in all, we were fairly happy with our meals, it scratched the itch at a decent price.
However for the most ‘Legendary Chicken’ restaurant, it was a bit of a let down, you are only as good as the weakest link in your chain, and this had a couple of weak links.

The food was fairly tasty, it had some high points like the Chips, Prego Steak Roll and 1/2 Chicken we had, but was rather let down by the minor inadequacies of the Churrasco Thigh Burger.

Self Service Drink / Sauce area — Nando’s

This could have just been due to the day we went on, as it was rather busy, a rushed Chef doesn’t always put out their best work (although he/she SHOULD aim to).
From this brief visit however I have to give a fair overview of what we experienced on the day.
Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but not something that makes you rave about it to your friends.

If we are invited back to experience it again we would be happy to re-visit this review and update you all. As we know they are capable of better!

For this visit however, I would give Nando’s in Peterborough — 3 Stars.

3 Stars to Nando’s

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